Growing Your Music With Social Media

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Introduction - The Power of Social Media


Many artists think that if they simply start posting on social media, they’ll be successful and attract new followers. But it doesn’t work this way. In order to build your fanbase through social media, it’s essential to have a strategy for engaging with your audience.

Lesson 1 - Choosing Your Platforms


As you consider which platform(s) to use, it’s essential that you think smaller rather than bigger. In other words, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin across multiple social media platforms.

Lesson 2 - Optimize Your Social Media Profile


As you optimize your overall profile, think about how you want to represent yourself and your music online. Your social media profile will be the first touch point for some potential fans, and it’s critical that your profile feel professional.

Lesson 3 - Create A Posting Schedule


Consider creating a social media calendar in which you map out what you will post each day during a given time period (week, month, year).

Lesson 4 - Begin Posting On Social Media


When creating your content calendar and posting on social media, constantly ask yourself the following question: Is this adding value to my audience? If it is, then post it. If you don’t think it will add much value to your audience, then don’t post it.

Lesson 5 - Engage With Your Followers


The real power of social media is that it creates conversations between you and your followers. At least, it should create conversations. Conversations are the key to getting more followers through social media.

Lesson 6 - Follow The Right People


As you follow influencers in your industry and take part in groups, take note of the valuable information that others are sharing. What sorts of posts do others share that resonate deeply with you?

Lesson 7 - Use Hashtags


The power of hashtags is that they allow you to get your content in front of a broader audience. By adding the appropriate hashtags, you can get them seen by thousands, if not millions, of people.

Lesson 8 - Experiment


Be constantly testing to see what works most effectively. You’ll discover what adds the most value to your audience.

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Growing Your Music With Social Media

Growing Your Music With Social Media

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